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Manage your tasks and your teams in a breakthrough management application that is guaranteed to improve your productivity, the productivity of your team and the overall success of your company, (and you).

The Problems BizGojo Solves

As a busy manager you probably assign lots of tasks and projects to your team members (and yourself). Often these tasks and projects are delegated, the situation changes, new people join the project, the task or project has been completed or has been put on hold. If you find it challenging to constantly keep up with the status of each task and project, then BizGojo solves this problem with an intuitive task management tool that allows you to easily drill down through your chain-of-command to follow the status of every task or project and get instantly notified when the status of any task or project changes.

Do you have difficulty monitoring the total time consumed by your team and/or the time consumed on a particular task or project and by whom? If so, BizGojo solves this problem with the ability to view time-of-task or total time throughout your chain-of-command.

If lots of emails are sent back and forth from you to your team members, from your team members, to colleagues, and to consultants on multiple tasks and projects. Often the emails are lost or missed in the mass of unrelated emails received in any users in box. BizGojo solves this problem with secured intra-company email platform that avoids “lost emails” spam, or junk mail – nothing gets lost or missed.

Who is BizGojo For

Whether you are the top member of your organization the bottom member or someplace in between this app will improve your value to the company. BizGojo will help you manage your tasks, the tasks of your team members, collaborate with your team members and tasks and projects, enable secure intra-company emails, view productivity stats of yourself and your team members, manage roles and payrolls

Our Credentials

The Bizgojo development team was led by a Harvard Business School serial entrepreneur along with multiple leading business managers and consultants, and a team of 12 top programmers over a 5-year period. BizGojo has undergone hundreds of iterations and extensive field testing in major countries around the world including England, Germany, India, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and the United States, to name a few. We are confident if you and your company use this application that in a short period of time you will see a marked improvement in communication, productivity, and eventually increased company profits.

– The BizGojo Development Team

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If in days you and your company don’t both improve then just quit, pay nothing - no harm, no foul. BizGojo is intuitive to learn and easy to use. After your -day free trial you will only pay $0.25 per day and you can quit at any time - no penalty, no subscription, no worries. You will also get an additional days for each team member that joins.

Sample Mobile App Tutorial Video

There are only seven rules to successful management

  • There are clearly defined goals and tasks throughout the organization
  • Each worker has one and only one primary supervisor.
  • Each worker may have multiple subordinates or team members.
  • There is a mutual work agreement between each supervisor and subordinate.
  • Open collaboration is encouraged for all project participants.
  • There is constant coaching, monitoring and feedback of progress, successes and productivity between workers and supervisors.
"Good management is the same around the world.The time-honored rules of hierarchical management have built the great pyramids of Egypt, the Great Wall of China, powerful armies, great religions and huge businesses like Amazon, Microsoft and Chase, most of which started with a single person, a single idea and an abundance of passion. The rules are simple, but the implementation is complex. This app takes the complexity out and paves the way to management success"

Try BizGojo now for -days free. No credit card required


BizGojo uses the credit system and credits are consumed at the rate of one credit per day per user. After the -day free trial, credits cost between $0.19 cents and $0.25 cents, depending the quantity purchased, (Max rate of $7.50 per month per user). There are no subscriptions, and you can purchase as few or as many credits as you like when you like, and you can quit at any time without penalty.

Credit pricing calculator

Simply input the number of users to calculate the length of time you can use BizGojo
until you will need to purchase more credits.

Credit Packages Purchase Options
One credit = One user/day
Packages Cost

( After days free

trial period )
Input the estimated number of users to see the credit package that best suites your company or department
10 Credits
25 Credits
50 Credits
100 Credits
250 Credits
500 Credits
1000 Credits

This calculator is for pricing information only. A purchase is not required in order to sign up for a -day free trial and no credit card is required until you are satisfied that Bizgojo is the right management tool for you or your company.

Try BizGojo now for -days free. No credit card required

Credit pricing calculator

Simply input the number of users to calculate the length of time you can use BizGojo
until you will need to purchase more credits.

Enter the number of users

Credit Packages Price per Credit Based on users Credit Packages will last this peroid of time. Cost (USD) Monthly Cost Per Users
10 Credits $0.25 $2.50 $7.50
15 Credits $0.25 $3.75 $7.50
25 Credits $0.25 $6.25 $7.50
50 Credits $0.25 $12.50 $7.50
100 Credits $0.25 $25.00 $7.50
250 Credits $0.24 $60.00 $7.20
500 Credits $0.23 $115.00 $6.90
1000 Credits $0.22 $220.00 $6.60
2500 Credits $0.21 $525.00 $6.30
5000 Credits $0.21 $1,050.00 $6.30
10000 Credits $0.21 $2,100.00 $6.30
25000 Credits $0.21 $5,250.00 $6.30
50000 Credits $0.20 $10,000.00 $6.00
75000 Credits $0.20 $15,000.00 $6.00
100000 Credits $0.19 $18,800.00 $5.64